Rebecca’s Creature: Communing with Nature

“grass child stone woman” Stepping onto the field, lush and fertile, Rebecca was in her element. A cottage sat, nestled in the wilderness ahead. A forest expanded beyond, not untouched, but sparsely inhabited by humans. She proceeded to show me the land, reflecting on the parts of it that she felt most called to, sharing [...]

Reflecting Marta Moon: A Perspective by Maddie Drake

“A full moon is poison to some; they shut it out at every crevice, and do not suffer a ray to cross them; it has a chemical or magical effect; it sickens them. But I am never more free and royal than when the subtile celerity of its magic combinations, whatever they are, is at [...]

Marta Moon: Venture into Vulnerability

Author’s Reflection: Marta is a radiant creature. She speaks with clarity indicative of deep attunement with her emotions and intuition. She speaks her truth eloquently and unabashedly. Her willingness to open herself and share her story has translated into recognition of her creature’s power. I welcome you to revel in her power through her words [...]