In a world that constantly emphasizes unrealistic (and sometimes outdated) beauty standards….

 we need to be role models for each other. 

we need to reclaim our power, individually and collectively.

Be Your Creature (BYC) is a non-judgmental space designed to facilitate a dialogue about organic beauty through the power of transformative storytelling.


~a note from the founder of BYC~

I started taking “Creature self portraits” as an adolescent to gain outside insight into my own emotional experiences.

Capturing my Creature is always an empowering process, and has led me to create a photography offering for others.

My hope is that it will serve as a source of inspiration and encourage other Creatures to share their unique beauty.

~Augusta Rose

“So like many women before and after me, I lived my life as a disguised criatura, creature….I’ve not forgotten the song of those dark years, hambre del alma, the song of the starved soul. But neither have I forgotten the joyous canto hondo, the deep song, the words of which come back to us when we do the work of soulful reclamation.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

(excerpt from Women Who Run With the Wolves)



3 thoughts on “inspiration

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  1. Very cool! Love it we should do a goddess photoshoot where we could all Br creatures separately and as a group!
    This is wonderful. Love the idea of encouraging us all to be empowered and be ourselves and create ourselves without fear.

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  2. You have certainly started with a very well spoken “creature”: Marta. Photos are great. Best of luck as you and your fellow creature creators forge ahead. Proud of you!


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