Love Note from A. Rose on her Birthday✨

My Creature is compassionate, collaborative creative expression.

Over 5 years ago, I made a commitment to produce media featuring realistic role models, with the overarching goal being to rewrite the narrative of standardized beauty.

Today, I’m campaigning Be Your Creature with more ferocity than ever before. However, it was never meant to be mine. It’s coming through me as a means of counteracting the bigotry and prejudice that has become so prominent as of late.

My purpose is to empower individuals by reflecting their exquisiteness back to them, and offering a platform to reclaim their power by sharing their stories of fortitude.

These stories in turn cultivate roots of inspiration that grow into ownership of originality.

That’s why we’re calling in the Creatures who have learned how to transmute vulnerability into strength and are ready to show up bravely and authentically, as role models for the world.

We’re calling in the allies ready to support our mission to weave a bright rainbow of idiosyncrasies into the oppressive fabric of cultural normality.

The judgment we face for being “different” is based on a dying paradigm of non-acceptance.

FullSizeRender-1wmBeauty isn’t perfection.

It’s the embodiment of personal power expressed through creativity.


This brings us to two MAJOR updates:

  1. We’re applying for a grant through We, Women to expand our offering to the LGBTQ+ community. If (when🤞🏼) it comes through, we’ll be collaborating with 8 transgender folx to provide them with full Creature Experiences at no cost. The photos will be exhibited in the Fall of 2020 at Photoville in Brooklyn, NY and included in a traveling nationwide exhibition with concurrent programming.

    We, Women programs “re-frame issues and highlight underrepresented narratives that resist and interrogate social and political landscapes while promoting empathy and unity.”

2. A coffee table book featuring these Creature portraits and impactful stories will be produced and distributed with the intention of reaching those who need these role models the most. This book will be available for presale in the near future, so stay tuned!

Donations assure that Be Your Creature outreach and expansion will continue to develop, regardless of outside funding.

The Creature community champions individuality and holds space for radical transformation.

I’m fortunate to have been guided, encouraged, and supported by many wonderful people who are also aligned with this vision.

Together, we’re choosing to heal insularity by pledging to prioritize self-love and acceptance in defiance of unattainable beauty ideals.

There are currently 10 of us on the BYC team, and our community of Creatures is growing every day.

We’re dedicated to creating a safe space to own our differences and express ourselves.

Would you like to join us?





Thank you. 💖


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